Sarah Rowan

One of Australia's Top Speed Painters & Speakers on Creativity 

“Sarah!  You’re an artist…but a proper one!!  Luv it.”

     - Sarah McLeod, “Iconic Aussie Rock Chick”


“You talented thing you!  Love your work!”

     - Charlotte Dawson, Beloved Australian TV personality xxRIPxx

"Thank you for bringing our vision of NWC2015 on the Sydney Harbour Bridge to life.  It was fantastic for the crowd - a point of difference which captures the essence of the event."

     - Marne Fechner, CEO Netball World Cup 2015

"I love your energy, I want to see more, and I would buy that's a yes from me." - Sophie Monk, Australia's Got Talent 2016 Judge 

"I would buy that painting too!  It's a yes from me." - Kelly Osbourne, Australia's Got Talent 2016 Judge

"Sarah Rowan Dahl has done a portrait of me that has taken pride and place in my study, it's amazing...she's amazing!  You should get involved with her...professionally!" 

      - David Hughes, Australian stand-up comedian, radio and TV host, Australia's Got Talent host 2016

"Sarah is an artist with every part of her body.  It all comes out through her work, and as she is performing and painting you feel like the sky will open up and shine on you forever."

      - Rob Carlton, Logie Award winning Australian actor and writer

“We invited Sarah to come in and ‘live paint’ at the cocktail launch of one of our programs…she was a huge success! Her unique personality, talent and creativity brought a terrific energy in the room! Whilst the event remained very professional and focused, its atmosphere was significantly more relaxed, personal and joyful. The final picture was stunning and really impressed our 70 participants who saw it being created within 1h15min ! Finally, we thought that Sarah was extremely professional, adaptable and an absolute pleasure to work with!

     - Maud Lindley, Founding Director, Serendis Leadership Consulting

"Sarah and Jared were an absolute knockout and stole the show – they certainly know how to draw a crowd! The energy their performance created in the room was absolutely incredible and the feedback we received from delegates was extremely positive! And of course the winner of the artwork LOVED what Sarah created for her. A pleasure to work with -  we couldn’t have asked for anything better."
      - Nicole Carbone, Marketing Executive, Higgins Coatings


“Live art was great fun & people loved it!”

     - Chy Chuawiwat, CEO, Offis


“Sarah.  You.  Are.  Invincible.”

     - Altiyan Childs, The X Factor Winner 2010 (Australia)


“You exceeded our expectations!  You are terrific!  From all of us at HP…Thank you”

     - Bruce W. Dahlgren, Vice President, Global Enterprise Business, Hewlett-Packard

"Sarah Rowan Dahl is a FANTASTIC addition to any event or experience. She brings a vibrancy and electric energy that I have not seen before in my many years of running events. Sarah is fun, full of life and incredibly talented, resulting in both the experience of her live painting and the actual end product being phenomenal. I highly recommend bringing Sarah into paint live at any event you are planning, and if you can bring her husband Jared into play cello at the same time you have a recipe for magic. "

       - Vickie Reddy, Executive Producer at The Justice Conference

"Looking back at the artwork, I discovered a hidden energy from my talk that I didn't know existed."

      - Alex Chung, Independent Advisor & Writer - speaker at Pause Fest 2015

"Sharing the stage with you was an honor."

      - Mark Pullyblank, Head of Animation CG Spectrum, Weta Digital, CEO of Theia Interactive - speaker at Pause Fest 2015


      - Amber Sherlock, TV Presenter, Channel 9, Australia

"She was amazing and inspiring.  Really brought an exciting and different element to our event.  Highly recommend." 

       - Monique A., CCAA Innovation Awards 2017 - Cement Concretes & Aggregates Australia

"Everything can burn...but Sarah's paintings."

       - Koen, repeat customer

"Sarah brings energy and passion to a room.  Sarah is able to understand the room issues and deliver the messages in a very different way.  Absolutely amazing."

       - Craig K., Director, AMP Capital 

"Sarah your painting brought life to the event, which is a challenging task in the banking environment.  People were interested and engaged with the 'story' that developed and the finished product was outstanding."

     - Amy A., HR Dept. ANZ

"Dearest Sarah,

I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS again!!  We had so much amazing feedback about your work – you were just fabulous.  We are so consistently impressed with your work.  THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH!  Hope to see you soon."

       - Maud Lindley, Founding Director, Serendis Leadership Consulting

"I am a long time educator. I have seen many inspiring presenters, helped raise money for many causes, heard many speeches BUT Sarah and Jared really connect - and connect with all kids - they presented to our youngest kindergarten kids and to our Grade 12s - they talked and they listened - they performed and they participated IF you ever have the chance to work for or with them - don't miss out --- I am humbled in their presence..."

       - Dr. Sheryl Freeman, Principal of the Canadian International School, HCMC, VIETNAM

"Sarah.  What can I say??  Your energy & passion & love for relishing in the moment!  Your are more than an artist.  You are a great human being....thank you for appreciating the moments in life that are windows!  To the little snippets in time that make us all think..." (Video from gig)

       - Hayley, Fadi & Patrick

." SRD is an exciting and unorthodox artist whose energy literally bursts  from her paintbrush ....Doing Pictures at an Exhibition with her  was an exhilarating experience that made up for any shortage of rehearsal time with original interpretations of surprising artistic depth and understanding given the short period of canvas contact."  

      - Phillip Shovk, one of Australia's most respected pianists and pedagogues (In Sept 2014 Sarah and Phillip performed a Mussorgsky concert for SIPCA)

“Compassion Australia has worked with Sarah Rowan Dahl on a number of occasions and have always been very happy with her work. We appreciate Sarah’s heart and passion for our ministry and how she represents that in her artwork. Sarah's work hangs in the entrance to Compassion Australia’s head office and the pieces capture our core distinctives in an artistic way.  Her works are engaging visuals and bring a vibrancy to the building. Sarah is a pleasure to work with and has always been willing to support our ministry.”

      - Elisha Smallcombe, Compassion Australia

“The NSW Business Chamber recently engaged Sarah Rowan Dahl as live artist at one of premium corporate events, the Archibald exhibition.  Having a live artist paint at the Art Gallery of NSW while entertaining clients was a truly memorable experience.  Sarah was inspiring and was admired for her live artistic ability. I would highly recommend her if you want to deliver an event to remember.

      - Glynis Peterson, Head of Marketing and Events, NSW Business Chamber

"I love the energy and immediacy of your work; you manage to work at a speed but still evidence so much care and thoughtfulness as we watch you make an image take shape.  Thank you for capturing the moment so beautifully, and also for letting us watch the process.  It's COURAGEOUS to put yourself on show and on such a crazy deadline - but its a great way to get good at what you do!"

      - Jess Scully, festival director VIVID ideas, curator of TEDx Sydney


“WOW – I was recently in Sydney, Australia and met a young artist…she was so colourful, unique…like a story that stands in front of you in living colour…hard to explain…simply beautiful…animated…prophetic…she held a paint brush and yet she was a paint brush…God’s paint brush…telling God’s story. Thank you Sarah!”

     - Patricia King, co-founder of XPmedia, entrepreneur, speaker, author, etc…

"Sarah and Jared. Chris and I cannot thank you enough for being so amazing on our wedding day. Not only did your awesome personalities put us completely at ease (and make us want to party with you) but the photos you took are stunning and the live art we love so much! Every single guest told us how amazing they thought you were and all loved the beautiful piece of art made for us. It was so special and unique to have you part of our wedding you worked so hard for us and we are so grateful. I recommend you 100 million times to anyone interested! You truly are awesome in every way. Thank you - Love Mr and Mrs Tanner"

"After seeing Sarah at another event, I knew she would be wonderful at our fundraising event.  Her passion, dedication and enthusiasm was so evident.  We can't wait to have her at our next event!  Thank you Sarah from the families, staff and students of our school for children with autism.  You really have made our very special children shine."

     - Karyn, Director of Woodbury Autism Education and Research

"I’ve owned art by Sarah since 2007. Every piece I have, some commissioned originals, speaks to me in a different way.  In my mind, I’m Sarah’s biggest fan. She inspires me to unleash my innate creativity in all directions. I feel like that’s what she does when she paints, photographs, and all of the other amazing things she does to express herself. She’s one of my heroes. "

     - M. Berry, Entrepreneur, Las Vegas

“Sarah was the sole photographer at our wedding in November 2013. I have to say I couldn’t have asked for anything more. As well as our group and couple photos, she captured so many spontaneous moments, not just of my husband and I, but also of our family and guests. Those off the cuff, sometimes romantic, sometimes irreverent moments took a keen eye to capture and a great talent to capture well. There are a few things I would do differently if I could redo my wedding but Sarah is the first person I would book again. On top of all this, my family and friends LOVED her energy, enthusiasm and sense of humour. We all felt completely at ease. I cannot recommend this lady enough. I am utterly thrilled with my wedding pictures.”

     - Jenny, Bride


“Thank you so very much for your amazing painting. It was a sheer pleasure to watch you work and the result of your work was nothing short of spectacular. Your contribution to our film means a huge amount to our entire team and to me. I do hope we will work together again in the future.  All the best.”

     - Dean Francis, Film Director


“Dear Sarah, In 2008, Jubilee Church in Sydney gave me the painting you created during our conference here.  I brought it home, had it framed and hung it on our living room wall.  For the last five years, multiple numbers of guests, friends, and family have marvelled at your painting.  Everyone loves it, especially Danielle and I.  This coming August our family will be moving to Cyprus.  We have decided to sell everything in our home because the home we are moving into is fully furnished.  Everything will be sold or given away…except your painting!  We are putting it on our container and bringing it along.  Who wouldn’t?!”

     - Marios Ellinas, Pastor in Cyprus


“Sarah, just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You for being an important part of our special day.  The artwork you created at our wedding is a memory we will forever cherish (It currently has prime position on our bedroom wall).  Your artwork not only reflects us as individuals but it is a constant reminder the the happiest day of or lives! Many people still comment on what a wonderful idea it is to have your very own artwork created in front of an audience on th best day of your life.  The passion you have for your art is very inspiring – you can tell it’s something you live to do.  Thank you again Sarah!! ”

     - Karina, Bride


“We bought a piece of art from Sarah for our lounge room. A large oil painting on canvas hanging above the marble clock. The painting is magnificent. Everyone stares at it, and comments on how beautiful it is. It adds both a colourful dimension and a focus to the room. Easily the best original oil painting I have ever purchased. One day, Sarah will win a major art competition like the Archibald. She is a brilliant artist.”

     - Dr. Peter Klomp, Repeat Customer


“Sarah, Thank you for our wedding photos. Wow, you did such an incredible job!! What beautiful memories you helped create. Thanks for making it such a joyful and easy experience. We are so impressed with all the shots. You are amazing!

     - Bel & Daryl, Repeat Customer


“Sarah’s paintings are explosions of vivid colour and motion that speak to my spirit in a deep and personal way. They grace my home, in the true sense of the word grace, and I feel blessed to own them.”

     - Mish Downey, Repeat Customer


“Hi Sarah, you should know that your painting is being appreciated on the walls of our offices…it fitted into our colour scheme just perfectly, and you should know it is the ONLY painting on our walls. I consider it not only a personal achievement but also a credit to your work that I was able to persuade my directors to have the picture on the wall. Kind regards.”

     - Dirk Langenfeld , CFO - Professional Advantage – Enabling High Performance Workplaces (referring to “Freedom”, the painting from Sarah’s YouTube video at the Archibald prize)


“It was a Tuesday night and Drown the Movie and The Community Brave Foundation were holding a fundraiser for Production Costs and the Foundation. The cause for both entities is centred around homophobic bullying. The event was held at Slide in Oxford Street and Sarah was engaged to create a large scale work of art throughout the evening.  As the event started Sarah set up her canvas in a spot lit corner of the room   She started painting at the beginning of the event and worked tirelessly for hours. The guests were truly engaged as her work of art came to life before their very eyes. They stopped by, asked questions and were hypnotised by her talent and focus. As the evening came to an end, our host Charlotte Dawson held and auction of the work and a bidding war began.  Finally the auction ended and the purchase price was way beyond our expectations.

I can truly say that Sarah and her commitment and skill truly enhanced our evening. Indeed it grounded it with art, creativity and generosity.  I highly recommend her for any event. Indeed I’d suggest it’s imperative.”
     - Stephen Davis, Writer/Producer Drown