Sarah Rowan Dahl

Painter.  Photographer.  Freedom Fighter.

Sarah Rowan Dahl is a performance painter who brings a creative flair to events of all sorts.  She has been inspiring audiences for the past decade with an energetic creative buzz and colourful canvases.  Combining art and music has also opened the door to painting with many bands and functions in the US, Europe and Australia.

Sarah uses this skill to raise awareness and funds for charities, such as The A21 Campaign which is focused on ending human trafficking.  Her goal as an artist is to raise over a million dollars for charity through her art, and has currently raised over 50K AUD.  Make a difference here!

Graduating from Converse College in 2003 with a BFA in Studio Art, Sarah soon began her art business in Greenville, SC before moving to Sydney to pursue LIVE art.  She lives with her husband Jared, and two girls, Selah and Rhema.

Sarah has used her creativity to bring inspiration into the corporate world, painting LIVE for companies and organisations such as Bank of America/Meryl Lynch, Hewlett-Packard, Destination NSW, Compassion Australia, The Salvation Army, ANZ, AMP, Fairfax Media and more!  From an intimate concert to a festival attracting 20K, Sarah continues to push the norms of performance artists and takes a more personal and engaging approach to her work.

Jared Dahl has been dabbling with musical instruments for the past two decades and has a unique ability to transition between classical and contemporary music with intuition and improv, a quality most musicians only dream of possessing. 

Combining cello, guitar, didgeridoo and djembe, Jared creates a riveting blend of rhythms and sounds. 

From intimate concerts to events drawing over 20K, Jared has performed for a wide variety of bands and events.  Now, teaming up his wife Sarah, the duo hope to inspire and reach more people together.