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Coming Out...Finally

Posted by Sarah Rowan Dahl on April 10, 2018 at 9:10 AM

Been silent for months when it comes to blogging as it was difficult to write or think or be when living a life outside of who I am.  I was creating works of art to inspire others, but would often be in my studio crying and wanting to die.  But I'm free now...and the art is going to shift and change and be full of more inspiration and life than ever before!!  It's been a long and difficult journey.  Thank you to the multiple hundreds of friends, family and fans who have been supportive and encouraging the bravest few months I have ever had...

Feel free to check out my video on YouTube (that is refusing to link properly) and hear from my heart on the matter.  Just search something like "Sarah Rowan Dahl, Coming Out" and it will pop up...

Feel free to ask questions, as it looks like there are a lot of peeps out there with questions for me.  Happy to answer, might have to do another video.  No need to write if you have a problem with me being gay.  Enough haters in the world.  Save your breath and smile at your neighbour.  Life's too short to waste it trying to hurt someone.

Have a creative week!

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